Social Media

When is a tweet more than a tweet?

When it meaningfully connects someone to something they care about.

For more than a decade, I have instituted, managed and created compelling content for social media accounts that run the gamut from serious to silly.

I started Northwestern University’s social media presence in 2008 and oversaw it for six years. I created a Chicago Cubs Memes account in 2015 that amassed more than 24,000 followers and created an engaged online community of fans. I’ve helped non-profits to raise thousands of dollars, steward donors and connect with new supporters through their social media channels.

I’ve used social media advertising to reach new audiences, amplify award-winning social media campaigns, and obtain thousands of new email subscribers.

It’s easy to game the system in pursuit of the most followers or the most likes. When done properly, however, social media goes well beyond those analytics to create a relationship that builds trust, loyalty, and both online and offline interactions.

That’s why I love it.

Want to learn how I can help take your brand/organization/business to the next level on social media? Let’s talk.