Social Media

I love social media for its ability to connect, inform and promote. I have been managing and creating content for social media professionally for more than 10 years. I have also managed social media ads to acquire new audiences and promote social campaigns.

Personal Accounts

@Payolelly on Twitter
This is my personal Twitter account. I generally share interesting or entertaining links and my own musings. I try not to over-tweet and primarily use the account as a news feed to follow news outlets, websites, institutions, celebrities and friends.

@CubMemes on Instagram
Being a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, Instagram provided a creative outlet for connecting with other fans and using my love for funny Internet memes to share my passion for the team. The account has amassed more than 24,000 highly engaged followers since I began in the summer of 2015.

Northwestern University Accounts (managed from 2008 to 2014)

When I began working for Northwestern University in 2008, the school had no official social media presence. I instituted and managed all of NU’s social media accounts on various platforms.  I continued to increase engagement with followers by using the accounts to drive traffic to NU content, run contests and promote hashtags, and effectively solicit our network of followers for user-generated content. One of my most successful campaigns was the #GoU100 contest to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Northwestern University fight song.

@NorthwesternU on Twitter
I created this Twitter account in April 2009 and managed it through July 2014, when it had more than 22,000 followers. The account is used to promote NU-related news, information and other NU Twitter accounts. Under my management, I tried to give the account a personal, less institutional voice, and followers responded well to it. Here’s an article from The Daily Northwestern when the account began.

Northwestern University on Facebook
I administered the institutional Facebook fan page for Northwestern University from 2009-2014, sharing university news, multimedia and information. The fan base and page interactivity grew significantly on my watch. When I inherited the rather stagnant page in December 2009, it had 8,420 fans. When I left my position in July 2014, the page had 80,000 fans.

@NorthwesternU on Instagram
I created the institutional Instagram account for Northwestern University in November 2012, posting photos that demonstrate the numerous aspects of student life, campus activities and campus beauty shots. When I left my position in July 2014, the account had almost 5,000 followers.

Northwestern University on Storify
I implemented Storify to tell various NU-related stories through the eyes of participants, arranging tweets, photos and other posts by our followers into a comprehensive retelling of events such as graduation, new student welcome week and the Dance Marathon fundraiser.


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