Writing is my first love. Trained as a journalist, I am an experienced writer, reporter and blogger. Contact me about freelance work and browse some of my professional and personal writing below.


This is a roundup of my writing from across my various blogs and freelance opportunities.

Rounding 30
This is my personal blog with random musings on technology, entertainment, current events, society, new experiences and anything else I feel the urge to write about. I also documented my experience conquering Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2015, which now ranks #1 in Google search results for Hodgkin’s-related blogs.

Dad Has A Blog
This is my personal blog that I began writing in 2016 to chronicle my experiences as a new father. I also ran a #40Days40Dads series to highlight fatherly advice from 40 different fathers.

Write Things Worth Reading
This was a personal blog that I updated infrequently from 2007 to 2011.

Writing Samples

Catholic News Service
New Mexico School A Beacon of Hope, Faith for Native American Youth
Chicago Cardinal Thanks Texas Parish for ‘Welcoming the Stranger’
Program Develops Leaders for Catholic Schools in U.S. Mission Dioceses

Medill Alumni Magazine
Ready for the Spotlight: Profile of New Medill Dean
View from the Stands: Alumni Profile

Stupid Cancer
Three Years After Chemo

Beating Cancer, One Facebook Post at a Time

What Dad Can Do: Morning Sickness Edition

Crying My Daughter to Sleep
What ‘Road to Perdition’ Taught Me About Leaving Legacies for our Kids